In Orange County Schools: Normalization of aberrant activities like teen substance abuse, pedophilia, bestiality, and hard-core pornography consumption.

Orange County Schools continues to see an increase in books and assignments that contain material that is considered by many to be obscene and otherwise inappropriate for K-12 public schools.


Available at Cedar Ridge High School. Full Citation

Teens molesting a child:

An article assigned to English students at Cedar Ridge High School. Full Citation

Suggesting hard-cord pornography:

Book is available at Cedar Ridge and Orange High. Full Citation

The Haters

This book is available in Cedar Ridge High School:

Content from the book:

From an article in the Atlantic that was assigned to English Class students at Cedar Ridge High School. This single article delves into hook-up dating, conquest-driven sex, pedophilia, and rape.

Content from the article:

Gender Queer

Available at Cedar Ridge High School:

Available at Orange High:

Content from the book:

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