OCCIE (previously OCS Truth) is an independent initiative supported by citizens in our community.

Parental Subversion

Many citizens in our community are deeply concerned about the ways that district policies authorize and encourage school staff to come between parents and their own children.

Our Mission

OCCIE (previously OCS Truth) is an independent coalition of citizens in our community. 

Our mission is to promote and facilitate civic engagement for the purpose of protecting public values, cultivating unity, and enacting positive change in our community.

Education Initiative

A primary focus of OCCIE is Public Education in Orange County, North Carolina. 

Public Values

  • We want our children to achieve the highest performance and graduate with the most confidence and opportunities.
  • We want our teachers to go to work every day, feeling truly happy and supported in their jobs.

Engagement: Tracking and Reporting

  • Student wellness and outcomes
  • Teacher wellness
  • District funding and expenditures
  • District and school policies
  • Teaching curriculum, materials, and methodologies
  • Board actions

Engagement: Solutions Development

  • Policy review, analysis, and proposals
  • Board candidate review and endorsements

Speech Initiative

OCCIE is involved in blocking recent attempts to abridge constitutional rights in Orange County, North Carolina.

Public Values:

  • We will defend our rights to freedom of speech, freedom to peaceably assemble, and the freedom to petition our government. 


  • Monitor and report all activities by local boards related to attempts to abridge constitutional rights.
  • Ensure that the community, at large, understands the actions that individual elected officials are taking to attempt to abridge constitutional rights.
  • Raise funding and make preparations for litigation to repeal and/or defend citizens against violations of an unconstitutional ordinance. 

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OCCIE is Independent 

We are an unaffiliated, non-partisan collaborative of Orange County citizens. Our supporters include citizens who are registered as unaffiliated, Republican, and Democrat. 

We are not funded by, or otherwise connected to any other groups or organizations.

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